Enter students

Leonard Bernstein (as Sri Chinmoy's students enter): Hello, come in! Oh, such beautiful people! I just found a scarf from India which I thought he might wear, because it had the same colour blue that he is wearing now.

Sri Chinmoy: Thank you. So this is the group that will sing for you. Oh, I am a liar! I said seventeen or eighteen. They will be standing.

Sri Chinmoy (introducing Leonard Bernstein to Haridas): This is the young man I was talking about. He is the conductor.

Leonard Bernstein: But of course! And we met where? Now it comes back. What have you been doing since then? [Leonard Bernstein and Haridas converse in French.]

Sri Chinmoy: Will you kindly be seated here?

Leonard Bernstein: You mean I am to sit here in royal splendour?

Sri Chinmoy: Please be seated. This is the place where we meditated together.

Leonard Bernstein: Yes, this is our place. This is where we sat. I don't believe this series of presents! He gave me the flowers and I thought, "This is too much!" The flowers are just too beautiful; they smell so beautiful. Then came that poem, the song which you are going to sing. And now what, my Lord! [Sri Chinmoy presents Leonard Bernstein with a plague containing the words and music to his "Leonard Bernstein" song, and Leonard Bernstein starts humming the song.] I can't wait to hear it! What's all this? Incredible! I don't know what to say. I won't say anything.

Sri Chinmoy: In oneness there is nothing to be said. Oneness we only feel and manifest. Nothing fulfils us but to feel and become and remain always one.

Leonard Bernstein: Who are you all?

Sri Chinmoy: These are my students.

Leonard Bernstein: You do various things? You are not all connected with the UN?

Sri Chinmoy: Most of them work at the United Nations.

[Choir sings "Leonard Bernstein " song.]

Leonard Bernstein: What music I hear! Beautiful! When did you learn that?

Sri Chinmoy: Just last night.

Leonard Bernstein: When?

Sri Chinmoy: Last night.

Leonard Bernstein: Last night? Oh, come on!

Sri Chinmoy: The whole night.

Singer: We studied all last night and finished at six this morning.

Leonard Bernstein: How incredible! You all look so fresh. You all went to your jobs this morning perfectly healthy and breathing and not falling asleep? What power, my God, what power this man gives you! That is incredible. Did anybody have a tape machine going?

Sri Chinmoy: If you do not mind, they will be more than willing to sing it once again. We do not want to intrude on your valuable time.

Leonard Bernstein: Can you stand there and then sing it again?

Sri Chinmoy: They can, easily.

Leonard Bernstein: Oh, it is just incredible! He said there was going to be some kind of 'round'. I didn't know what a 'round' exactly was; I was waiting for the tune in a round. I waited. I had no idea!