Peter (Leonard Bernstein's assistant): Can you wait a second?

Leonard Bernstein: I am waiting, infinitely patient. [Taking Haridas' hand] Olivier, c'est incroyable, ce que tu as fait! [They continue speaking in French.]

Haridas: Mr. Bernstein just said that Guru writes in divine counterpoint.

Leonard Bernstein: He has no idea he is writing counterpoint. [To Sri Chinmoy] If I say 'counterpoint' to you, you will ask what that is. [To the group] But he has written a counterpoint like Bach. Every phrase goes with every other phrase, so that no matter what you do, you can't miss. That doesn't mean he [indicating Haridas] has not worked very hard to make the right things go with the right things. I am so impressed, I can't say! My ego is not impressed at all, but my musical spirit is very, very deeply impressed.

It is incredible the way you sing. And not one embarrassed face! That is what I was looking for. Usually when people come to sing for me, they blush, they look embarrassed, they kick their shins, they worry if they sing a wrong note. But you are all just so incredibly relaxed and full of breath! You are very lucky people; you know that, of course. I am very lucky now, too.