The present

Sri Chinmoy: I would like to offer you another present.

Leonard Bernstein: Oh, no! (Sri Chinmoy presents Leonard Bernstein with the banner of the Meditation Group that he leads at the United Nations.)

Sri Chinmoy: This what we do at the United Nations.

Leonard Bernstein: I am very happy to have this. This I have read. (Introducing his daughter, Nina) This is Olivier Greif, who is conducting them and who made an arrangement of Sri Chinmoy's song. How can I explain it? Oh, I am so happy! Wouldn't you like some drinks? How about some ginger ale? How about some soft drinks? All right, all soft drinks!

(The Singers perform the song once more.)

Leonard Bernstein: This should be the greatest ego trip anybody had. But it is not the way I feel at all. I am not even that impressed by the lyrics, but I am so impressed by you all. You have turned my heart over! You all read music? You are incredible! You sound like an absolutely A-1 professional choir. I don't know if this is the result of meditating or the result of practice. I guess it is a combination of both. Incredible! I don't know how you do it. I am baffled. Very good!

Sri Chinmoy (while leaving): We wish to invite you to the United Nations to our Meditation Group. Whenever you are free, I will be so deeply honoured if you could come to our Meditation Group.

Leonard Bernstein: I would love to. Have somebody tell me, and we will make a time.

Sri Chinmoy: When is your birthday?

Leonard Bernstein: August 25th. I will be in Europe then.

Sri Chinmoy: When will you be back?

Leonard Bernstein: Not until October.

Sri Chinmoy: Before your birthday?

Leonard Bernstein: In July I am in Tanglewood. I am teaching and conducting the Boston Symphony and I am teaching students.

Sri Chinmoy: Will the first week of August be possible?

Leonard Bernstein: The first week I think I will be here.

Sri Chinmoy: Before your birthday we would like to observe your birthday. If you will be in New York at that time, our Meditation Group can observe it at the United Nations.

Leonard Bernstein: That would be wonderful. Thank you.