An expression of gratitude

On 28 March 1979, just seven days after their first meeting, a messenger arrived with a personal gift to Sri Chinmoy from Leonard Bernstein. The gift was an original manuscript of a song about Sri Chinmoy which the Maestro had composed in his own hand. It was inscribed:

"Profound thanks to Sri Chinmoy and his forty angel-voices (Olivier, Archangel) from Leonard Bernstein, 28 March 1979." It is a musical piece for sitar, flute, tabla, bass and drone and is based on the Indian raga "Bahar" which honours the coming of spring. The words to the song are:

"Sri Chinmoy, Sri Chinmoy, Sri Chinmoy,
Free in joy!
Thank you, thank you, Sri Chinmoy —
You brought Leonard Bernstein joy."