Question: How can we keep our awareness?

Sri Chinmoy: When we don’t keep our awareness, what happens? We become friends with inconscience and ignorance. And when we keep our awareness, when we remain alert, what happens? If we are alert we go much faster. Alertness is speed in life. If we have to cover twenty miles, if we are alert, nothing can distract us or prevent us from running the fastest towards the goal. If we have a goal, then we can discard unnecessary things. Suppose your goal is a Master’s degree. If you go to movies and night clubs, how can you reach your goal? There is a goal and you want to run the fastest to the goal. So naturally you are going to do the thing that will automatically make you run the fastest. And that is to keep your awareness. If always you think of the goal, then there will be inspiration, aspiration and an inner urge to reach the goal as soon as possible.