Question: How can we conquer the dark forces in us?

Sri Chinmoy: You can conquer the dark forces provided you know who your boss, your supreme boss, is. You have to feel that the forces are like two little boys. One is divine and the other is undivine. The divine one is afraid of the undivine one because the undivine one wants to strike him and he feels he doesn’t have enough strength to put up a brave fight. But if he sees that his father is standing beside him, he knows his father has more power than the other boy and will protect him. If you feel the presence of the Supreme inside you, the hostile forces can’t attack you because there is someone to protect you. If they attack, immediately He will come and frighten them. Just as the little divine boy knows his eternal Father is inside him to protect him, save him and illumine him, you also have to feel that the Absolute Supreme is inside you to do the needful for you. Provided you have confidence in Him, He will do everything for you and He will not allow the undivine forces to come and attack you.