Question: How do you realise God without going to live in a cave?

Sri Chinmoy: Not all spiritual Masters have gone to the Himalayan caves to realise God. I did not realise God in a Himalayan cave. Most spiritual Masters, such as Sri Ramakrishna, the Buddha, Sri Aurobindo and others, did not meditate in the Himalayan caves. There was a time when it was necessary for people to withdraw from the world, but now it is not necessary at all. If you don’t face the world, then the world will follow you and chase you like a thief. But why be afraid of the world? If you stand firm and accept the world, the world will salute you and say, “He has strength.” If you are afraid of the world, then the world, like a lion, will devour you. But if you have the capacity to act like a divine hero and face the world, then God’s Compassion, God’s Light, God’s Power will descend on you.

Spirituality is for the brave. God-realisation is for the brave; it is not for the weakling. In almost all the Indian scriptures, the same thing is said: “The soul cannot be won by the weakling.” Only those who have strength will march forward and see the Goal.