Part III: The perfect disciple

The perfect disciple

In the spiritual life some disciples think that when their spiritual Master leaves the earth they have to become very strict with themselves in order to remain spiritual. It is their feeling that while the spiritual Master is still with them in the physical, they can enjoy themselves. I wish to say, no. These disciples are acting like children who feel that they should just enjoy life while their parents are on earth because when the parents are gone they will have to become very serious in order to earn their own livelihood. This attitude is wrong. While the Master is on earth, you have to do your utmost. When he is in the other world, you have also to do your utmost. If one really wants to become a divine instrument, he has to work very, very hard all the time. Otherwise, some people may stay with the Master for twenty years and get nothing, while some who come later will get things in one year or in one day which the others who were with the Master longer have never got at all.

Just today I was reading a story about a spiritual Master who advised two seekers to go and accept another Master. It happened that the second spiritual Master was unkind, rude and in every way insulting to the seekers when they came to him. Nevertheless, the two seekers would not leave this Master. Finally the Master said, "All right, come back tomorrow. I will speak to you then." The two seekers came the following day, but this time the spiritual Master would not even come out of his house. He sent one of his guards to tell them that he did not want to see them. The seekers said, "Just yesterday he scolded us, insulted us and promised to see us today. Please go and tell him." The guard said, "This spiritual Master is far above morality. He does not have to keep his promises." But the seekers pleaded with him. Finally they were granted permission to see the spiritual Master. When the Master saw that these same seekers had come again with tremendous aspiration, he asked them a few questions and told them about their future life. Then they wanted to have some spiritual blessings and love. The spiritual Master said. "For spiritual love, you don't have to be near me. No matter where you are, if you are sincere, you will get it. If you are not sincere, you will be like this fellow beside me. For the past twelve years I have not been able to give him anything. But here is another one who is also my student. He has received considerably from me, although I have seen him only once before, many years ago. You two who have come here for the first time have also received much from me. But this man who has been with me for so many years has not received anything from me."

If one does not try to please the Master while he is on earth, how can one expect to please the Master in Heaven? He who sincerely pleases the Master now will please him in Heaven as well. If the disciple does not please the Master here and now, the Master will have no faith that that person will please him anywhere else. Pleasing one's Master has to be done all the time, like breathing. You breathe in and out all the time, everywhere. If you know how to please the Master when he is with you, then you will be able to please him after he has left the body.