Question: If you are supposed to conquer all your jealousies by the time you are realised, why do spiritual Masters fight each other?

Sri Chinmoy: I have told you people many times that God-realisation is a very complicated matter. Suppose right in front of you is the realisation-tree. There are many, many people on earth who have not even seen the tree. You have touched the tree, but you do not know how to climb up it. Somebody else may know how to climb up a few feet. A few will go and climb up to the highest, topmost branch, pluck fruit, and from there come down to offer it to aspiring mankind. These seekers are the most advanced.

So the question here is a matter of the degree of realisation. Jealousy does not depart unless one can go very, very high on the realisation-tree or unless one gets the experience of Nirvikalpa Samadhi quite a few times. Then jealousy stops.