Question: Why does God allow antagonism between different spiritual Masters?

Sri Chinmoy: Why does God allow those souls to be undivine and hostile? The only answer I can give you is that His Compassion right now is infinitely more powerful than His Justice. God allows everything, but the only thing is that the individual has to know what he should do. We exist only because God allows us to exist on earth. You may say that other people are worse than us, that some people quarrel and fight or doubt God more than we do. But we have to ask ourselves whether we sometimes do quarrel and fight, whether we at times cherish doubt. The answer will be, “Yes, we do, although perhaps a little less than others.” If God allows us to do something, then we cannot blame God if He allows somebody else to do the same thing. It is only a matter of degree. We may doubt God, say, once in six months; someone else may doubt Him at every second. But if we say, “In this incarnation I have never doubted God,” then that will be a mistake. Again, if we do something wrong and another person also does it to an infinitely greater degree, that is still no excuse to criticise and attack that other person. Let us worry about perfecting our own nature. God will take care of others.

So we always have to be careful. If we ask, “Why does God allow others?”, then we must also ask, “Why does He allow me?” The day I can say that I am perfect, then I can say that God has made a mistake with others. But this day is a far cry for us.