Question: Will following your path be in conflict with Jesus when he said, "I and the Father are one. No one can go to the Father except through me."

Sri Chinmoy: The conflict is in the seeker’s mind, not in the seeker’s heart. The Christ was saying that only aspiration will lead you to realisation. If you think of the Christ as just someone who stayed on earth for thirty-three years, you will be mistaken. Think of the Christ as the representative of the One who is birthless and deathless. Again, if you think that he was the first God-realised soul, then you are again mistaken. Krishna and Buddha lived before that. We have to know that the Christ-Consciousness, the Buddha-Consciousness and the Krishna-Consciousness are all part and parcel of the same Supreme Reality. If you have a Master in whom you have faith, he will help you realise the Christ-Consciousness, Buddha-Consciousness and Krishna-Consciousness. On the one hand, these great spiritual Masters represent the Absolute; on the other hand, they are the Absolute. If you want to follow our path, we will take you closer to Christ, the all-pervading, all-illumining and all-fulfilling Consciousness, but not to Jesus, son of Joseph the carpenter. No matter what path you follow, it will lead you to one destination. You may call it Christ-Consciousness, another will call it Krishna-Consciousness or Buddha-Consciousness. But there can be no conflict, since truth is one. Any path you follow will help you realise the truth.