Question: Why is it that the beauty of nature gives me such boundless joy?

Sri Chinmoy: Precisely because the beauty of nature is the expression of the One who is all Beauty.

Whenever we see something, we see inside that thing the inner presence, the inner consciousness, of its creator. The Creator of nature is God Himself. He expresses Himself in and through Nature. When we see nature's beauty, we get overwhelming joy because the Creator and Owner is God. When we see a house, if we love the owner, we love the possession.

The One who is all Beauty is inside His creation, like a mother's heart is inside her child. A mother's heart cannot be separated from the child's existence. Just because we appreciate, admire, adore and worship the One who is all Beauty, we appreciate His creation as well. Sometimes when we want to see the mother, we get joy just by seeing the child because we have found somebody who is part and parcel of her being. The creation itself is part and parcel of the Creator. Since the Creator is not at our beck and call right now, we are satisfied with the creation.