Question: How can we maintain our inner beauty when we have to go to undivine places?

Sri Chinmoy: On the physical plane, we wear shoes when we go outside so that our feet do not touch the ground and get hurt. When there is something undivine, something that may hurt us, we take precautions to protect ourselves. Similarly, when we go to any undivine place, we need protection. When we are at home, when we are not in the battlefield of life, we are protected. But as soon as we go out into the street, we come face to face with a hungry lion. He is more powerful, infinitely more powerful, than we are. At those times we have to become more cautious and conscious. When we are in broad daylight, we do not worry. But when it is very dark we feel that some undivine force will attack us, so we become more cautious. How do we become more cautious and conscious? By remembering the necessity for aspiration, and by remembering the Supreme Pilot within us more often.

In order to manifest the beauty in evolution, or in order to become beauty itself in the process of evolution, man has to feel that his Source is Delight, and that he exists on earth only for Delight. While he is manifesting beauty, he has to feel that beauty is nothing short of Delight. In thinking of beauty, in imagining beauty, in revealing beauty, in offering beauty, he has to feel that he is playing with Delight, dancing with Delight, drinking Delight and sharing Delight with the rest of mankind. This is how beauty can be manifested in the process of evolution.