Question: Guru, is beauty dynamic and changing or is it merely a reflection of our soul's evolution?

Sri Chinmoy: Beauty is dynamic and changing and it is also a reflection of our soul's evolution. When we speak of dynamism, it means life-energy is flowing most powerfully. Life-energy is a river constantly flowing. Although it is continuous, the movement itself is change. Movement we notice. But when the river enters into the sea, when it has reached its goal, at that time it seems to be stopping. But it is actually becoming one with the silence. From this silence again it will come back to the place where it started its journey. Before we start to do something, everything is static. When we begin to do it, everything becomes dynamic. And when it is done, the fulfilled action enters again into something which is absolutely silent. By constant action we create new energy in our life. This is one kind of beauty.

The other kind of beauty is the soul's reflection. The soul represents the Supreme, who is all Beauty. When the soul comes to the fore, its light is reflected by the rest of the being. When you pray and meditate you feed the soul and the strength of the soul increases. But when the physical and the vital also add to the soul's capacity, then its strength is really great. You may have thousands of dollars, but if your child gives you one dollar, then you will have one thousand and one. Here also, when we consciously aspire with the physical, with the vital, with the mind and with the heart, we acquire the ultimate wealth. Then the increased capacity of the soul adds to the soul's beauty immediately. This beauty is the reflection of the soul's progress and evolution.