Question: What is the essence of nature's beauty?

Sri Chinmoy: The essence of nature's beauty is the Supreme Light or the Supreme Delight in nature. Nature itself is not complete. Nature is not the doer. Nature has somebody as its boss, and that is the Absolute Supreme. As soon as something is created we immediately ask who did it. As soon as we see a creation, we feel that it is incomplete unless and until we know from where it came. Nature is God's creation. Again, the Creator is inside the creation. That is why we can say that nature itself is God. But we have to know that it was not nature who was the Creator. The Creator was Above, and after creating He became one with His creation.

I write a poem. Because of my inspiration, aspiration, capacity and dedication, I feel that it is a part of me. The poet and the poem are inseparably one. At that time you can say it is Guru's poem or you can say it is Guru's consciousness. It is the same. Similarly, nature is God's creation and it also embodies God's Consciousness. That is why we can easily say that nature and God are one. Nature functions as a representative of God Himself. But we have to know that nature is aware of the fact that there is somebody inside it who is regulating it. If that portion of the Creator which is in nature is taken away, immediately nature becomes lifeless.