Question: Guru, can you describe the Supreme's Beauty?

Sri Chinmoy: The Supreme's Beauty only the Supreme can describe. If you try to express the Supreme's Beauty, you will immediately be challenged even by a child. Try to describe to a child who has never seen the sea how vast, how powerful and how beautiful it is. The child will ask, "How big is it? Show me." Then you will spread your arms out and say it is so huge. The child will say, "That big?" Then again you will say, "No, it is far, far bigger. It is much farther than a person can reach."

Even if he imagines what you are trying to describe, he will not be satisfied. The moment you try to express anything in our human language you are limiting it. The moment you try to express anything divine you limit it. Why can't I describe God-realisation? I can try, but I will have to write thousands of pages and even then, if you have had the experience yourself, you will give me zero because my description is not complete. These things have to be experienced; they cannot be described. Action is one thing, but explanation is something else. When I want to describe something that I have done, it does not remain the same. The Supreme's Beauty I see twenty-four hours a day. I can see it at any moment. But when I have to explain it to you, I am using my mind. That is like standing in front of the mightiest ocean and with a ruler trying to measure it. It is a hopeless task because I have such a limited instrument at my disposal. This is the unfortunate thing. When we want to explain the Supreme's Beauty or the Supreme's Light, we have to use our physical mind. It is the best thing we have for dealing with the world at large. It is far more developed than the body or the vital, but in comparison with the soul, the mind is absolutely weak and insignificant.

If you remain in the heart, explanation is not necessary. There identification is the medium. Just stand in front of the ocean and enter into your heart. Immediately the consciousness of the whole ocean enters into you and you become one with it. Why? Because at that time you identify with it. If you can use your heart to identify with the infinite Beauty, or with whatever you want, then you will know its attributes. Through identification we get everything, but through mental scrutiny we can never explain the infinite Beauty of the Supreme.