94. Question: What is the best way to be an eternal beginner?

Sri Chinmoy: The best way to become an eternal beginner is to think of oneself as the ever-blossoming dawn. Dawn is the beginning of the new day, so the dawn symbolises hope, illumination, realisation and perfection. Think that your whole being — your body, vital, mind, heart and soul — represents the dawn or vice versa. Every day the dawn plays the role of a beginner. It begins its journey at daybreak and ends its journey in the infinite sun. If you have that kind of feeling, then you will always feel that you are an eternal beginner.

The dawn invites and invokes. Whom does it invite and invoke? The sun, the eternal wisdom, infinite wisdom, immortal wisdom. The dawn invites and, when one listens to its invitation, one merges into the infinite Light and infinite wisdom of the sun and becomes one with it.