97. Question: How can I repay Guru for his eternal gifts?

Sri Chinmoy: You do not have to repay your Guru for his eternal gifts, in either a material or a spiritual way. Only you have to remember all the time — twenty-four hours a day throughout Eternity — that you are of him and you are for him. He is a representative of the Absolute Supreme for you and you are a most perfect, chosen instrument of the Supreme in your Master. If you can feel that you are chosen by your Master to do his work, to fulfil the mission of the Supreme, your very realisation of this is your supreme gift to your Guru and to the Supreme. Your realisation of who your Guru is — this is the supreme gift.

If anybody wants to give me a significant gift, then I want to tell that person just to realise me. I try my best to take you up in my fastest elevator when I meditate. I wait, wait, wait, but you people don't come. How long can I wait? So I go up and send down my elevator to get you. Then, when it comes, you press the wrong button and instead of going up, you go down and create problems. So then I come back to the ground level, to the very starting level, but even there I don't see you. I see that you are in the basement. You people have gone down instead of up and are enjoying the pleasures of ignorance. Then I have to go there to get you.

When you climb up with me to the Highest and realise me, your realisation of what your Guru is will be the supreme gift. And this I am not saying with pride or vanity, but with utmost sincerity. The greatest gift any disciple can give to the Guru is to realise him, to realise his height at least once during a meditation before the Guru leaves the body. The difficulty is that once you have realised the highest height, that height does not remain; he constantly transcends it. But if you really reach a very high height and if you can maintain it, if you can have a free access to that height and be able to go there at any moment even if that particular height is not the topmost, this achievement of yours becomes the greatest gift to the Master.