78. Question: What is the essential quality which a seeker would need in order to enter into this path?

Sri Chinmoy: The essential quality that a seeker needs, not only to enter into this path, but to enter any path, is sincerity. The seeker has to ask himself whether he really needs someone to fill his life. Right now he needs someone because he has not yet established a free access to his inner life, where he is absolutely inseparably one with God. So, if the seeker feels that God is represented by someone, somewhere, the seeker has to go to that particular place and see that person who represents God.

A day will come when the seeker's own highest transcendental height will be consciously one with God, but he cannot claim the Highest as his very own right now because most of the time he is swimming or drowning in a sea of ignorance. He has to feel that he needs someone's help in illumining him. How can he search for that someone, somewhere? First of all that somewhere is really nowhere but inside his own heart. He first has to look within his heart. How can he look within? Only with sincerity. If he can feel that his whole life — body, vital, mind, heart and soul — is composed of sincerity, then he is not only meant for this path, but for any path, and he will make the fastest progress.

There are many paths and many Masters, and each path has a special quality of its own. All paths and Masters lead the seeker to the destined Goal, but each path has something different and unique. In our path we have divine love, devotion and surrender. To acquire these divine qualities, we must give of ourselves. While giving, we shall feel our oneness, and thereby fulfil our own necessity to be illumined and satisfied. So if someone wants to try our path, he has to feel the necessity of realising the highest Truth through divine love, devotion and surrender. If he has love, devotion and surrender along with true sincerity, then he is more than qualified to follow our path.