81. Question: How can I hear the voice of silence?

Sri Chinmoy: You can hear the voice of silence only when you feel that the world of din and sound has nothing to give you, nothing which you can treasure. Only the world of inner existence, the world of peace, light and bliss, can satisfy your eternal thirst and hunger. But when you see and feel this inner reality, you must also grow into it. You have to bring to the fore the inner reality to change the face of the outer world, or it will remain imperfect. Go deep within. You will not be able to change the face of the world if you do not achieve some wisdom-light first. First you have to become a doctor before you try to cure a sick person. The world of ignorance must be transformed, but before you can transform it, you must enter into the world of wisdom-light. There you are bound to hear the voice of silence, which is all-illumining transformation.