83. Question: Which is the greatest: purity, love or oneness?

Sri Chinmoy: Purity is essential for the entire being. If love is impure, it is all destruction. The human vital love is all destruction. So purity is necessary. But love is essential for achieving the feeling of oneness. A saint is pure, but often he is afraid to touch the world because it may make him impure. But if he really loves the world, no matter how impure the world is, he will touch it in order to help it become pure. When wisdom-supreme dawns, we discover that where there is oneness there can be no impurity. Real divine oneness is constant expansion and consciousness of the universal reality within and without us. It is only in limitation that there can be impurity. So oneness is undoubtedly the greatest of these three divine qualities, but oneness cannot be achieved without both love and purity. Inside oneness we see the perfection of love and purity.