I had an eminent psychiatrist disciple at my Connecticut Centre. He got very high spiritual experiences from me. He was all gratitude to me. Alas, all of a sudden he left the Centre. Why? Because in two long months he could not equal me in spirituality. And also, he could not accept the fact that my disciples devotedly and gladly touched my feet, whereas his patients did not even admire him as a person. They just appreciated his mental wisdom. He thought that, since both he and I were teachers in our respective fields, how could it be possible for him to be satisfied with lesser acknowledgement?

These reasons are not from my fertile imagination. I just summarised two of his letters written to me. I fully agree with him. I pray to all his present patients, ex-patients and future patients to go and touch his feet. If they do so, then I will have my psychiatrist friend back.

In the Western world, especially in America, to have a psychiatrist friend is a great mental relief. A psychiatrist is a head-repairer.

I am a heart-repairer.

God is the only soul-repairer. God is the only life-builder. God is the only love-fulfiller.