Editor's introduction to the first edition

These uniquely charming and supremely wise rhymed poems were written by Sri Chinmoy between October 2005 and October 2007. They were originally published as weekly cards illustrated with his bird drawings, and were placed in many shops to be given free to customers.

On 31 May 2006, Sri Chinmoy said of this series, "When these poems come out in book form, I will put them in perfect metre. Now I am more interested in rhyme, but in a few months when we publish them, I will put them in perfect and perfect metre."

Sri Chinmoy ultimately did not have the opportunity to review these poems, so they are reproduced here as they were first printed, with minor corrections.

There were no poems from 21 April to 22 June 2007 and from 25 August to 14 September 2007.