Ashwini's receptivity2

Ashwini is the name of a star. This particular star looks like the head of a horse. Therefore, it is called Ashwini because Ashwa means horse.

The moon has twenty-seven wives, and Ashwini is one of them. Ashwini is very, very close to the moon. It is also the first star that became visible near the moon. Some of the stars were terribly jealous of Ashwini because she had tremendous beauty and because the moon had special fondness for her.

One day the moon said to all his wives, “For two reasons I have special fondness for my Ashwini. First, she came into my life long before all of you. Secondly, the beauty that Ashwini has pleases me most. Everybody has a special beauty, but Ashwini’s beauty gives me the most joy. For these two reasons she has become closest to me.”

“My Lord,” said Ashwini, “I am beautiful, I am close to you, I came first to you, not because I deserve to, but because your compassion allowed me to. It is because you pour your own beauty into me that everyone sees beauty in me. If you take away your beauty, then I will be uglier than the ugliest. Your compassion is unparalleled. It will always remain so.”

The moon said, “Yes, my compassion is unparalleled and, something more, unconditional. But I would like my other wives to become receptive like you. Then I will be very happy. Otherwise, my unconditional, unfathomable love-beauty will be of no avail. There should be others to receive it like you. Receptivity is of paramount importance. Otherwise, we remain where we always have been.”

GIM 142. 5 February 1979