Arundhati, the wife of the sage Vashishtha, was extremely learned and extremely spiritual. She developed occult and spiritual powers by the grace of her husband. She was extremely devoted to Vashishtha.

In the Mahabharata it is said that if one becomes virtuous and totally devoted to her husband like Arundhati, then one can easily go to Heaven and there she will be worshipped.

In the sky there is a special star called Arundhati. It shines most beautifully beside Vashishtha. It is said that whoever cannot see Arundhati in the sky will have a very short life. Those who cannot see Arundhati are unfortunate people. How can these people accomplish anything when they have such short lives?

In India when a marriage takes place, at night the village priest shows the Arundhati star to the bride so that she can become as beautiful, as learned and as spiritual as Arundhati. Arundhati is the ideal of the young girls and also of married women. To all women Arundhati represents woman’s aspiration, woman’s realisation, woman’s beauty and woman’s devotedness to the husband, plus spiritual power and occult power in infinite measure.

GIM 143. 5 February 1979