The aftermath of Kurukshetra14

When the battle of Kurukshetra was over, countless people were killed. Sri Krishna’s family, relatives and dear ones were all killed in the great, unthinkable turmoil and confusion. Even Sri Krishna himself left the body.

When it was Balarama’s time, he sat down under a tree and went to sleep. Soon his soul, in the form of the cosmic serpent, Shesha, whose incarnation he was, came out from his mouth and laughed at Balarama’s lifeless body. He was found on a rock, under a tree.

Poor Arjuna, his dear Balarama and his dearer than the dearest Krishna were no more. Arjuna had to do the final obsequies for these two and also for many, many more. His heart broke, but alas, this is life. Happiness is followed by sorrow. This is an undeniable fact.

GIM 154. 8 February 1979