Lord Shiva is above humanity's curse15

Bhrigu was a supreme sage who was found in many Indian legends and Hindu mythology. Once a terrible quarrel arose between Shiva and Daksha, Shiva’s father-in-law. Bhrigu took Daksha’s side and officiated at Daksha’s sacrifice. Shiva became terribly angry with Bhrigu and said, “How dare you take Daksha’s side!”

Bhrigu said, “I can take whichever side I want to. It is my business, not yours.”

Shiva pulled Bhrigu’s beard off, and poor Bhrigu suffered a lot from the pain.

Bhrigu was married to one of Daksha’s daughters, Khyati. She was extremely devoted to her husband and pleased him in every way. Bhrigu was extremely proud of her.

She was extremely angry with Shiva for pulling off Bhrigu’s beard and cursed him. The curse was that Shiva would become ugly. But Lord Shiva is above humanity’s curse. If he had wanted to be cursed, he could have easily suffered from the curse. But Shiva’s beauty remained unparalleled.

GIM 155. 8 February 1979