Question: Guru, is the outer world, the physical world, really out of control, or is it really being guided and influenced to a large extent by the inner world?

Sri Chinmoy: No, it is not influenced at all, or it is influenced only to a very little extent. Let us use the word inspired rather than influenced. If we are inspired, then we will do the right thing. But when we are influenced, immediately the vital comes, the mind comes, and there is no feeling of oneness. When we are inspired to run, at that time, we become speed itself; we become one with speed. But when we are influenced, it comes from someone or something that we cannot call our own, and that particular thing also cannot claim us. In inspiration, however, we have the feeling of oneness with the thing that inspires us and also with the goal.

If the inner world could really inspire the outer world, then the outer world would have real meaning and, by this time, the outer world would have succeeded in manifesting a considerable amount of divinity. But very often the inner world is too weak to inspire the outer world. Actually, the inner world has the capacity, but the outer world is not accepting its inspiration. The inner world is not given the opportunity. The mother has the capacity to wash and clean the child, but the child does not want to be cleaned. The inner world is like the mother, but the child won't listen. He just mocks her and says, "No, I don't want to be cleaned."

The outer world gets joy by separating; the inner world gets joy by uniting. In cases when the outer world is inspired by the inner world, at that time the outer world really has something to offer. When the outer world consciously accepts the inspiration of the inner world whole-heartedly, people realise the highest Truth. At that time, full realisation, full revelation and full manifestation can easily be achieved.