Question: Why don't the divine powers just come in and influence world events the way they should be influenced?

Sri Chinmoy: No, acceptance has to come in a divine way; otherwise, the world would break. Power can influence the world, but if the earth is not receptive it will break. Again, power does not always work. Sometimes it works but very often it does not work. The vital is a little bit afraid of dynamic power so it may listen to it for only one day. But the vital has its own aggressive power and this aggressive power doesn't want to listen to the soul's power; so then the battle starts.

It is love and oneness that works again and again; this is the mightiest power. This love of oneness the vital also kicks like anything. But the higher power of love is wiser. It says, "Take your time. I am ready to love you in ignorance, because I am dealing with eternal Time." Then eventually the light comes through the vital itself. There is light everywhere, even in obscurity, even in the obscure vital. When this light comes forward and wants to listen to the higher forces, then the vital will realise the Highest.