Question: What is the importance of opening the chakras?

Sri Chinmoy: To be very frank with you, from the highest spiritual point of view there is no necessity of opening the chakras. If the chakras, or centres, open up on their own by the Grace of the Supreme, well and good. But if you consciously try to open up the chakras and get Kundalini power, occult power, if you pay too much attention to the chakras, then you are just wasting your energy and precious aspiration. To see what is happening inside somebody's mind or see what is happening in the farthest corner of the globe or cure somebody's headache or stomach upset — these things you don't really want to do. What you truly want is to realise and fulfil God, to be His dearest child, to remain in absolute Peace, Light and Bliss. So I advise you not to think of opening your chakras but to increase your aspiration, love, devotion and surrender to God. Love will take you to God. Devotion will take you to God. Surrender will take you to God. But by opening up your chakras and showing miracles here and there you will not get closer to God.

So I always tell my disciples to care only for God. God has created all power, so if you can please Him, then He will give you power if it is necessary for you. But if you try to steal power by hook or by crook, then you are acting like a real fool. It is like going to a mango tree. I can climb up the tree and snatch one or two mangoes without asking the owner's permission. But then the gardener will order me to leave. However, if I can please the owner and get his permission to take some mangoes, then nobody can order me down and I can eat mangoes to my heart's content. But you have to know that it is not mangoes that will make us immortal; it is nectar, divine Nectar. It is not occult power but Peace, Light and Bliss that can make us immortal.

From the highest point of view, it is up to God whether He gives us occult power or other kinds of power. After realising God, if God says, "I want you to use your occult power," then you will use it. But if He says, "No, you will use only spiritual power for My divine purpose," then you will do that. Whatever He wants us to do we have to do.