Question: Sometimes when I talk to people about you a kind of fear comes over me. It enters into me and creates doubt and insecurity.

Sri Chinmoy: This fear is coming from the other people. You are trying to inspire them and waves of fear and doubt are coming from them. It means that those people are not ready for the spiritual life; it means that you are knocking at the wrong door. If you knock at the wrong door, you will get opposition. This opposition may take any form: fear, doubt or a kind of resentment. If a person is offering you fear or doubt, the best thing is not to persevere with the matter. If you try to dispel his doubt, you will not be successful. Try to wait for the right person, who will gladly ask you more about our path. It is best to meditate on the person for a few minutes before you say anything. Your heart will tell you whether he is the right person or not. In this way, you won't have to suffer from the unpleasant situation you are describing.