Question: We know that your name, "Chinmoy", means "full of divine consciousness". What does it mean to be "full of divine consciousness"?

Sri Chinmoy: “Full of divine consciousness” signifies a most powerful, muscular man in the inner world. In the spiritual life everybody has consciousness. When one is aware of having divine consciousness, he is on the verge of realisation. But if one is “full of divine consciousness” and fully aware of it, that means that his oneness with God is inseparable and also permanent.

When one becomes the possessor of divine consciousness in his inner life to the fullest degree, then he not only feels that God’s Promise to mankind is his promise, God’s Dream is his dream, and God’s Reality is his reality, but in his inner life he becomes God-Reality itself. In the beginning when he deals with consciousness, he feels that God is the Master, God is the Creator, God is everything. But when he becomes fully divine or when he is full of divine consciousness, at that time it is not his ego, but his inseparable oneness that makes him feel that God and he are partners. He gets this realisation directly from God; if he tries to deny it out of humility or false modesty, then God becomes really displeased with him.

God is constantly trying to make all seekers feel that He is not their Master but their partner. When we live in the world of desire, God is helpless. At that time we make Him feel that we are the servants and He is the Master, and He has to accept this fact. But when we become fully aware of our oneness with Him, then God begs us to realise the true Truth, the supreme Truth, that He and each individual are partners working for the same cause.

It is very easy to have relatives and to have all kinds of relationships with human beings, but to have a friend, a true friend, is the most difficult thing. God always tells spiritual Masters and spiritual seekers of the highest height that what He needs is friendship. If the seeker can sincerely feel that God is not his Father, Mother, Brother or Sister but his Friend, then God gets the greatest joy.