Question: Relative to you, Guru, what percentage of your total consciousness does your average disciple possess?

Sri Chinmoy: At this point I will be misunderstood but let me brag a little. I have two consciousnesses, two types. One is human, one is divine. The human consciousness you know very well: I shout, I bark. I do many things undivine according to your understanding. But my divine Consciousness, which has realised the Highest, the Absolute, is a different story.

Now, if you want to know what percentage of my divine Consciousness you have, then I wish to be very frank with you and say that you do not have even one per cent. This is because here I am dealing with Infinity. Unfortunately, to be very frank with you, you have not realised God — which you will do tomorrow or some time in the future. So until you have realised the infinite as I have done, there cannot be any question of percentage. We cannot enter into percentage. Again, I am a human being like you, so naturally you can possess a percentage of my consciousness.

Now here also let me be very, very frank with you. I am a human being that aspired, and still aspires, or a divine being that constantly sings the song of self-transcendence. There is no end to my aspiration. There is no end to my transcendence. I always say, “self-transcendence.” The Supreme Himself is transcending Himself. So naturally my divine Consciousness is also transcending. A few years ago I declared my highest transcendental Consciousness and three years later that Consciousness, that picture, fell down at my feet because I went much higher than my previous transcendental Consciousness. So there is and there can be no limit.

I wish to say that if one can realise twenty-five per cent of my human consciousness, I will tell you that that person is really something. I had a disciple who is still a disciple in the inner world. In the inner world she is extremely close, closer, closest to my heart and soul. When that individual used to get twenty-five per cent of my human consciousness, people used to see in that person my face. Although I am a man and she is a woman, her whole face used to radiate my face. And when she used to meditate people used to see in her my face, absolutely my face. And that experience happened three or four times. You know my face is totally different from hers. I am a man first of all, and God has done a very good job of taking away all my hair. But that person had plenty of hair. In every way our faces were totally different — mine a man’s and hers a woman’s face. But when she used to enter twenty-five per cent into my consciousness, my human consciousness, which is aspiring, which is in its own way extremely mature, then my physical plane also entered into her heart; with aspiration, of course.

When she was successful in entering into my human consciousness with her own heart’s most intense aspiration she did that kind of miracle. And it has been experienced, not by me, but by the disciples of that Centre, three times at least. And I used to receive letters saying that I, my physical presence, was physically there.

Why I am bragging, is that it was my physical consciousness, human consciousness. Only on very rare occasions when one has the kind of human consciousness that she had, is one ready to receive twenty-five per cent of my human consciousness. Then again, seventy-five more that person has to get of mine, and that seventy-five per cent more one has to get not for a fleeting second, but for a few seconds. To be very frank with you, it was only for a fleeting second, five or ten seconds or one minute that she had my consciousness. So if you possess one hundred per cent of my human consciousness constantly, then I assure you, you are becoming ready for the divine Consciousness. And then, when you are ready for the divine Consciousness, naturally you will realise God.

I am telling you this. Perhaps I am bragging. But if you are very sincere, then you will see that I am still underestimating. God-realised people are like that. No matter to what extent they brag in their intimate circles, they underestimate themselves. Not deliberately, of course, but because that is what God wants them to do.

Well dear ones, as the Supreme in me forgives you when you do something wrong, even so the Supreme in me will expect you to forgive me if I have said something wrong. Needless to say, He does it out of His unconditional and infinite Bounty.