Question: What is the relation between God and our sense of time?

Sri Chinmoy: God's Vision is not something to be fulfilled in the future. God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. God's perception and manifestation are simultaneous.

Man, being God's instrument, plans; and later he sees the unfoldment of his plans in time. However, God's play is more like a child's play in that it is spontaneous and without motive, and it does not seek a future result. God is a Divine Child but His play, unlike that of a human child, is responsible, conscious and divine.

It is good for man to have a plan. God manifests Himself through man. With our finite consciousness, Truth is revealed gradually as ignorance melts into Light. But in God's world, Truth and Revelation exist together, so that perception and manifestation occur simultaneously. For man the vision of the future must be fulfilled through plans so that God may reveal through man what has always abided in Him.