Question: Jesus was the Son of God, but God Himself did not come to earth, did he?

Sri Chinmoy: God did come, God has come, God is already here. Your concept of God is that He is somebody unlimited. Yes, He is, but He is also deep inside you. If you go deep within, you will see that inside your body is God. Then as you go deeper still, you will see that your outer body is also God. You have to see with a different eye, not with these physical eyes. If with these physical eyes you see God, you will deny God. You will say, "What! Is God like that? That cannot be God." If Christ were standing right in front of you, most of you would say, "No, how can that be the Son of God?" When you see somebody in a physical frame, ninety-nine persons out of a hundred will disbelieve because the very nature of the human mind is to suspect. But when we approach Truth with our aspiration, with our soul's inner urge, we see that God is everywhere. God is inside you, God is inside this wall, God is here in this room.