Amar Gane Dao Ma Sara

<a href='' class ='media' target='blank'> <img class ='media' title='' src=''></a></div> <html>Amar gane dao ma sara taito gahi gan <br \></html> <html>Tomar sneha jani mago nitya aphuran <br \></html> <html>Tomai jabe bhule jai ma barai abhimane <br \></html> <html>Kripa tomar shanti tomar tabu more tane <br \></html> <html>Tumi amar sindhu mago ami tomar bindu <br \></html> <html>Mora tomar lilar sathi tara rabi indu <br \></html> <html></div></html> <html>

      <a class="source-title"  href="gll_2"  title="" >Sri Chinmoy, Garden of love-light, part 2, </a>Aum Press, Puerto Rico, 1975


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</html> <html></div> </div> </html> <html>

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