He Jogiraj Dikkha Amai

He jogiraj dikkha amai dao go aji dikkha
Rupantarer amar bani pabo aji shikkha
Ghurbona ar dure dure
Nachbo shudhu hriday pure
Gaibo giti premer sure
Dekhbo amai pran mukure
Nirabatar lagi ami magi aji bhikkha


O Yogi of the highest magnitude, initiate me.
Today offer me Your initiation.
Today I shall learn the immortal message of
transformation from You.
I shall not wander any more in the farthest
corners of the world.
I shall only dance in the city of the heart.
Inside the city of my heart I shall sing songs
of Love Divine
And I shall see myself in the mirror of my
sanctified heart.
Today I beg of You to offer me only one thing:
silence, silence.
O Yogi of the highest magnitude, initiate me today.