Naba Barasher Pratam Pradoshe Janate

Naba barasher pratham pradoshe janate sadar sambhasan
Bishwa chetana srashtar pane nayan karichhe unmochan
Dure bahudure chhila jei nidhi kabhu jare nahi dekhi
Sei priyatam antare mor atai nikate eki
Antare gele nimesher tare bujhibe sarbo jib
Tumi chinmoy tumi akkhoy tumi anadi Shib


In the twilight hour of the New Year,
To offer a cordial invitation to the Lord Supreme,
The consciousness of the universe is opening
its vast eye.
I see a wonder-stream flowing through my body
And my Beloved Supreme, residing in it,
stands before me.
No matter who is endowed with this experience,
He will discover himself as consciousness immutable
And birthless and deathless Lord Shiva.