Jago Amar Swapan Sathi

Jago amar swapan sathi
Jago amar praner pran
Jago amar chokher jyoti
Rishi kabi murtiman
Jago jago jago
Jago amar bishal hiya
Byapta jaha bishwamoy
Jago amar sei chetana
Bishwatite shesh ja noy
Jago jago jago
Jago amar dhyani swarup
Jago amar badha jib
Sarba jiber tandra tuti
Jago amar mukta Shib
Jago jago jago


Arise, awake, O Friend of my dream.
Arise, awake, O Breath of my life.
Arise, awake, O Light of my eyes.
O Seer-Poet in me,
Do manifest Yourself in me and through me.
Arise, awake, O vast heart within me.
Arise, awake, O consciousness of mine,
Which is always transcending the universe
And its own life of the Beyond.
Arise, awake, O Form of my meditation
Arise, awake, O bound divinity in humanity.
Arise, awake, O my heart’s Liberator, Shiva,
And free mankind from its ignorance-sleep.