Sundaratama Antare Mama

Sundaratama antare mama sushama bahni jwalo
Chira sundara sundara habo sundare bese bhalo
Rudra deber pralay nachan
Bhanguk sakal simar bandhan
Plaban namuk dibya jyotir alo alo alo
Andhar kandichhe alor lagiya asime basiya bhalo
Ogo simahin parane amar asimer khudha jwalo
Bindu milabe sindhu salile
Tomare nehari anale anile
Ogo sundara hiranmayer alo alo alo


O Beauty nonpareil, O Beloved,
Do burn the fire of beauty and splendour
within my heart.
By loving You, eternally beautiful I shall be.
May Lord Shiva’s destruction-dance
destroy all shackles of the finite.
May the Light of the Supreme inundate me,
my heart, my heart, my all.
Having loved the Infinite, the heart of gloom
is crying for the bloom of light.
O Life Infinite, give me the eternal hunger,
The tiniest drop will lose its raison d’etre
in the heart of the boundless ocean.
In fire and air Your Life of the Spirit I behold.
O Beauty, O Beauty’s Gold.
O Light of the Supreme!
Sri Chinmoy, Garden of love-light, part 1, Aum Press, Puerto Rico, 1974