Bidai Bela Hiyar Khela

Bidai bela hiyar khela
Ebar suru habe
Premer nishan urbe aji
Bandhan hara nabhe
Rabi shashi amar chetan
Asimatar gopan ratan
Bishwa prabhur charana khani
Dur amarar ashish bani
Mukti plaban sudha niloy
Jukta moder bhabe


It is farewell-time.
The play of the heart will now begin.
The banner of Divine Love will fly today
In the boundless sky.
The sun, the moon,
The deathless consciousness,
Infinity’s secret wealth,
The World-Lord’s very Feet,
Far Heaven’s Blessing-Message,
The flood of liberation,
The Abode of Divine Nectar,
All will be united in the heart of our world.