Happiness in every sphere12

I wish to give a one-minute speech on happiness.

Happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness I expect from each and every disciple. Happiness, happiness, happiness! If you are unhappy, if you are miserable, if you are depressed, you must feel that you are hurling arrows.

I am fortunate, sincerely fortunate, to have you as my disciples, and I wish to say that you can also feel the same, since you have an Avatar as your spiritual Master. I make bold to say that I am an Avatar. An Avatar is the direct descent of the Absolute Supreme. Believe it or not; believe that I am an Avatar or not; but believe in your own happiness.

If you are happy, then you are giving me a world of bliss. If you are unhappy, I feel miserable. Unhappiness does not have any solid foundation. Even if you are sick, very sick, your sadness will not cure your disease — never! Your happiness is the cure, the only cure — a happy, cheerful mind and heart. In every sphere of your earthly activities, keep happiness, happiness.

There are some disciples who were attacked by the most serious diseases. Their faith in me, and their happiness, was most praiseworthy. Even here there are some disciples in this category. A disciple’s faith in me enters into the Heart of the Absolute Supreme. If one has implicit faith in our Lord Supreme, He is bound to help the suffering patient. Faith is needed — absolute faith.

Not only one, but hundreds of disciples of mine have been cured of serious ailments because of their faith in the spiritual life, and that means their faith in our Lord Supreme. Again and again I say, He is my Guru, He is your Guru, He is everybody’s Guru. He chose me to be His representative to be of service to Him and to be of service to you as well.

GMG 25. 1 December 2005, Pangkor Island, Malaysia