Come back to this world!13

How many times our Jagattarini practically died — seven or eight times! Recently the message came from Moscow that she was dying. The case was absolutely serious, and the doctors said she would die soon.

I started talking to her on the phone. She was enjoying a so-called mental hallucination. She was saying that she was in such a beautiful place, and she did not want to leave that place. Sometimes she understood what I was saying, and sometimes she was giving me a full description of Heaven. I did not have to tell her anything about Heaven; she was telling me how beautiful it is.

I said, "O Jagattarini, I want you to come back from that beautiful place. I want you here!"

Then she said to me, “Oh, Guru!”

I said, “No, I want you to be here. Come back, come back from that place!” Then, after we had been talking for four or five minutes, there was a complete change. She came back to this world. Before, she was lecturing about the other world! She was very lucky. It was a matter of half an hour or an hour — not even two or three hours — before she would leave this world. Luckily the disciples got me on the phone.

Now she has her story number ten or eleven to tell about death. This time she herself wanted to die, but it was not the Will of the Supreme. She writes in such a charming way about how many times she was saved. She has such faith, such faith in me.

GMG 26. 1 December 2005, Pangkor Island, Malaysia