Question: Guru, can you please talk about the experience you had before you realised God?

Sri Chinmoy: I realised God definitely not just in my last incarnation, but quite a few incarnations earlier. I was the dearest disciple of someone.

In my earlier incarnations I mixed freely with “monkeys and donkeys.” Those monkeys and donkeys are called occult powers. Some spiritual Masters call those powers monkeys and donkeys, and I also am of the same opinion. I used those powers right and left. But when we develop wisdom, we do not feel like using those powers — that is, outwardly. Inwardly there is not a single day when spiritual Masters do not use their occult powers. Outwardly we may not use them often. On rare occasions we do use them outwardly, and sometimes people may see that something is happening.

You asked me what happened before I realised God. What happens before God-realisation? A little lotus flower blooms and blooms and blooms. All of a sudden it is fully blossomed. It is like day and night. The night is very thick, but little by little the sky is clearing. All of a sudden we can see that the sky is fully clear. But the best thing is to think of a flower that is blooming, blooming, blooming. All of a sudden it blossoms. Similarly, when aspiration becomes very strong, when the inner flame goes high, higher, highest, it knows it is reaching the highest. Somebody is climbing, climbing from the foot of the tree. He climbs up, up, up, up, and then he reaches the topmost branch. With his aspiration he is going up, up, up, up. Once he gets to the top, he is stationed there.

At this point, some people are satisfied. That is the end of their achievement. Again, some people are not satisfied. Their inner hunger is so intense. Someone will touch the foot of the God-realisation-tree. Then he will climb up a few steps. Then he may climb high, higher, highest. Again, the God-realisation-tree itself always grows. People will think that it is absurd; the Highest is the Highest. But I wish to say that my Guru Supreme, who is Infinite, Eternal, Absolute, is transcending Himself. I see Him always expanding, expanding. People will say, “How can this be? He is God. He already has everything!” God has everything, God is everything, true; but in His Creation He has coined the word “progress.”

God is dealing with Infinity. Do we understand what Infinity is? He is dealing with Eternity. What is Eternity? With our mind we know how to spell “Infinity” and “Eternity” very well; we will not make a mistake. Eternity we see with the soul; Infinity we see with the soul. If we use the soul, we see that there is expansion. If we use the soul, if we become the soul, then we are bound to see that God the Infinite is expanding. He is progressing and expanding in every field because that is the seed that He has sown, the progress-seed. When He used His Vision, He said that He would go beyond, beyond. “Beyond” is the Message of the Supreme. There is no fixed goal, no fixed boundary — no! The Supreme’s only Message to us is to go beyond, go beyond, go beyond, go beyond.

In my case, little by little I saw a bloom, and then a blossom. I have been blossoming, blossoming, blossoming since I realised God. But again, I have not reached my final goal.

My Transcendental Photograph has height. Believe it or not, some people have seen God inside my Transcendental Photograph. About fifteen years ago, I was meditating in my house. There were about twenty disciples with me. I was seated on my throne, and there was a Transcendental Photograph hanging on the wall. There was absolutely no wind, no disturbance. At around four-thirty or five o’clock, the Transcendental Photograph fell down. And what did I see? My Transcendental Photograph fell at my feet. How can I tell you this, and how can you believe it? I smile at you, I laugh with you, I enjoy so many activities with you; but I do know that I have gone beyond my Transcendental Consciousness. The Transcendental Photograph is enough, more than enough — not only for my disciples, but for humanity. It is enough for human beings to see my divinity. But the Supreme did not want to stop there, at the height of the Transcendental Photograph.

The Supreme does feel that the Transcendental Photograph is enough; but when it is a matter of my realisation-expansion, the transcendence of my realisation has taken place. In this way I can clearly see that the highest Absolute Supreme is also like us. His Vision is to go on, to go beyond, beyond, beyond. This is His Message to everybody, to the whole world, whether people are my disciples or somebody else’s disciples. The Ever-Transcending Beyond: these are not mere English words. The Ever-Transcending Beyond is the Vision of the Absolute Supreme.