Question: Guru, what is the most important spiritual quality of America, and what has to be improved? How does it apply to the spiritual seekers here in America?

Sri Chinmoy: Might is not light; light is might. Now we are seeing that many people feel might is light. I am showing you how to become good disciples, good seekers. My spiritual power is showing you how to be good. Light says, “I love you, I love you; I have become one with you. I love you to such an extent that I have become one with you.” That is the message of light. That light has to guide us. Might has not to guide us. If might guides us, we will see only destruction everywhere. By beating someone, by screaming at someone, by cursing someone, no individual is going to show the light. That is not the way of light. When light guides us, it is all oneness-embrace.

A nation has to believe in light, not in might. Individuals and Governments have to care for light, light. Might thinks that it is showing the light, or that it is the light, but that is not true. Light is might.

When people give talks on our philosophy, they should only try to offer light. What we need is light, and light has might in it. If we start with might, might does not embody light. But when we embody light, our might is totally different. That might does not break the world; it only embraces the world.