"O master-key of the global heart"

The following are introductory words on a tape recording of songs dedicated to President Gorbachev, sent to him the evening of his first meeting with the author.

29 May 1990

Dear President Gorbachev,

O master-key of the global heart, this evening you bestowed upon me and my two Canadian student friends your blessingful affection, compassion and oneness. For that, our hearts are all gratitude to you.

With my soulful gratitude-heart I am offering these songs to you. The first one is written by me, and the subsequent ones are from your own momentous utterances.

Dear President, your heart of compassion and affection I shall most devotedly treasure. Indeed, as I wrote in my song, "Gorbachev, Gorbachev, all-where the peace-blossom-tree," you have brought to the fore the inner freedom of humanity. You have liberated much of the world from bondage-division-night. Therefore, both the ascending cries of humanity and the descending smiles of divinity you embody.

May the Soviet Union and Canada, in your oneness-heart, divinely grow and supremely glow.

Yours in the Almighty Father
in Heaven,

Sri Chinmoy