God and Truth4

God expresses Himself through Silence. God expands Himself through Light. God unites Himself with His Creation through Delight.

Man’s outer life needs God’s Silence. Man’s inner life needs God’s Light. Man’s higher life needs God’s Delight.

Again, man is God’s Hope. Man is God’s Smile. Man is God’s Pride. Man is God’s Hope in his inner life, man is God’s Smile in his higher life and man is God’s Pride in his outer life.

God’s Hope is man’s possibility. God’s Smile is man’s ability. God’s Pride is man’s necessity.

Truth, the ultimate Truth, plays its role in three different stages of evolution: objective, subjective and absolute. In the objective, Truth is man’s searching consciousness; in the subjective, Truth is man’s awakening Divinity; and in the absolute, Truth is man’s fulfilling Reality.

In Reality man sees the Truth in its universal form. In Divinity man sees the Truth in its theoretical form. In consciousness man sees the Truth in its practical form.

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