The inner way5

The inner way is the manifestation of the inner creation. The inner creation is the revelation of the inner realisation. The inner realisation is the dynamic expression of the inner will.

Will is power. Realisation is peace. Creation is bliss. Will tells me what I can divinely do for God and humanity. Realisation tells me what God unconditionally does for me and humanity. Creation tells me what humanity and I can devotedly do for God.

The inner way is the origin of the divine intuition. Intuition carries us to revelation. Revelation shows us the real in the ideal, and the ideal in the real. Intuition is the certainty of Divinity. Divinity is the certainty of Immortality. Immortality is the certainty of Reality.

Divinity’s child is man. Immortality’s child is the soul. Reality’s child is Light.

There are two ways: the inner and the outer. To discover the outer way we need outer power, the power of the physical, vital and mental. To discover the inner way we need inner power, the power of the soul.

The outer way always has limited vision. The inner way has the everlasting and ever-transcending Vision. The vision of the outer way culminates in the fast-approaching tomorrow. The vision of the inner way, which marches along the road of Infinity, Eternity and Immortality, has no journey’s end. Constantly, spontaneously and soulfully it is marching towards the ever-transcending and ever-fulfilling Beyond.

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