Occultism: love-aspect and compassion-aspect1

I started practising occultism not in India, but in some other country. As far as I can recollect, it was not in India. Before I studied occultism in India, I studied in another country. That country does not exist any more; it is extinct. That country was Atlantis.

In my previous incarnations, my occultism had a tremendous power-aspect. Now fire has become water. My occultism has become love-aspect and compassion-aspect. It has changed its form: love, compassion, forgiveness. Before, my occultism had a tremendously frightening aspect. Now, in this incarnation, my occultism has taken a different form.

Occultism does not mean only to threaten and frighten. It can also be used to raise the consciousness of someone who has perhaps descended lower than the lowest. As soon as I approach someone, I may lift him higher than the highest. That is also occult power. Occult power does not mean only to show fire!

  1. HCE 16. 20 March 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York