Day and night always follow each other28

Some of my belongings I recently offered for the disciples to buy. Yesterday something remarkable happened. I was deeply, deeply moved.

Somebody bought one of my bags, and inside the bag was five hundred dollars! Neither the seller nor the buyer noticed the money while the bag was being sold. Soon the disciple who had bought the bag found the money and came back to the sale table to return it. There was no way for anyone to have known about this lost money.

I would like this visiting disciple to come and see me. I do not know her name and I do not know which Centre she belongs to. I am so proud of this disciple!

[Sri Chinmoy invited the disciple to come forward to have a photograph taken with him.]

I am very, very, very, very proud of you — a million, billion, trillion times proud of you, proud of you.

Alas, recently a visiting disciple’s wallet was stolen somewhere while he was in New York. Day and night always follow each other.

HCE 26. 13 April 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York